Price and Registration


Registration opens on the 17th of April at 1pm CET

The early bird discount will be attributed to the forty first leaders and the fourty first followers accepted

Full Pass Lindy + Solo Jazz

CHF 245 / 205€

Early bird: 215 CHF/ 190 €

  • 4 hours of Solo jazz
  • 6 hours of Lindy hop
  • 2 parties with live band
  • Harlem Hot Shots' show included

Pass Lindy

CHF 185 / 160€

Early bird: 160 CHF/ 140€

  • 6 hours of Lindy hop
  • 2 parties with live band
  • Special price for the Harlem Hot Shots' show (15 CHF / 13 EUR)

Solo Pass

CHF 145 / 125€

  • 4 hours of Solo jazz
  • 2 parties with live band
  • Special price for the Harlem Hot Shots' show (15 CHF / 13 EUR)

Party Pass

CHF 60 / 50 €

Party Pass will be available soon

  • 2 parties with live band

Begginner Track

CHF 145 / 125 €

  • 4 hours of lindy hop
  • 2 parties
  • Special price for the Harlem Hot Shots' show (15 CHF / 13 EUR)

Harlem Hot Shots’ show

CHF 25 / 23€

For the moment, you can only buy a ticket for the show if you also buy a pass. Ticket for the show only will be sold during the weeks previous to the event.


By paying your registration fees for the shaKe that laKe you agree to the following terms and conditions :


All the artists we’ve announced are commited to come our festival by bindinf contract. Nevertheless, we cannot exclude that, for some reason or another, they may not be able to teach during the festival, or even come to Geneva. For this reason, we reserve the right to change the line-up of our festival id needed. Such changes won’t give right to any kind of refund. On the contrary, in the extremely unlikely event that we would have to cancer one or several classes, we would refund in proportion to the number of classes thusly cancelled.


Except for the “advanced B” group, for wich they will be an audition, everyone registers for the level she deems convenient, trying to be as honest as possible. Before or during the festival, the teacher and organizers may relocate a participant in a different group, if they think it is appropriate.Such a change won’t give right to any kind of refund. Those who register for the “Advanced B” audition shall be ascribed to the groups that seem appropriate to the teachers in charge of the audition.


Once paid,registration fess are non refundable, except for the cases considered in theses terms and conditions. Upon request, you may be authorized to transfer your registration to someone with the same role and level. Any such transfer should be approved by the organization, wich reserves the right to refuse them. If you register with a partner and your partner does not confirm his/her registration, you shall be put in the waiting list, in the place that you would have occupied had you registered alone.


We want everyone to feel safe, free and confortable at shaKe that laKe. Hence, good manners and respect towards the other participants is a strict minimum. By no means shall be tolerate sexist, racist or any kind of discriminatory and demeaning behavior. In the unfortunate event of witnessing such behavior, the organization reserves the right to exclude its author- without refunding the registration fees. A fortiori, we won’t accept those people who have exhibited such behavior in the past.


Participants of shaKe that laKe are not insured by the organization. The organization disclaims all liability.