Friday night party

20h30: Reception desk opens

20h30-21h00: DJ

21h00-21h45: Meet Hanna & Mattias (Talk)

21h45-22h30: DJ

22h30-23h30: Hot Swing Sextet

23h30-00h00: DJ + Swing out contests

00h00: Teachers’ Intro with the Hot Swing Sextet

00h00-01h00: Hot Swing Sextet

01h00-3h00: DJ 

Saturday night party

19h30: Salle Frank Martin opens

20h00-21h00: Harlem Hot Shots’ show 

21h45: Palladium opens

21h45-22h00: DJ

22h00-22h45:  Swinging Flowers

22h45-23h00: DJ 

23h00-23h45: Swing Flowers 

23h45-0h00: Dj 

0h00: ***???***

0h15-1h15: Hot Swing Sextet

1h15-1h30: DJ

1h30-2h30: Hot Swing Sextet

02h30-04h00 : DJ


We are really proud to have the Hot Swing Sextet for the shaKe that laKe 2019